Hello there, I'm Elly! I have always aspired to be an artist, Im inspired from the art and people around me, especially in UT. Since around the age of 12, I've been captivated by the entrepreneurial spirit. I used to sell candy and sodas in the park near my school, as well as littlest pet shops on eBay. One of my creative outlets and passions is crafting spoon rings, allowing me to create unique, timeless pieces that bring everlasting joy.

What makes these rings truly special? Firstly, they carry a fascinating history. Most of the spoons I've discovered date back to the early 1900s, sourced from various corners of the world. The hunt is insane, with having to get up at the crack of dawn to hopefulyl find a chest of spoons. Secondly, these rings embody sustainability, designed to endure for decades. Repurposing the meaning behind a silver spoon. 

Allow me to share a little about myself! I thrive on adventure and spontaneous road trips. Basking in the sunlight and embracing the great outdoors energizes me. Currently, I'm pursuing rugby at my university while hitting the gym with the goal of one day competing in bodybuilding, or powerlifitng, or both ;) . I'm always eager to try new things, whether it's cliff jumping or taking on a daring food challenge! In June of 2020, I launched Koolringsmate right in my own backyard—crafting cool rings for the coolest individuals like you! :)